In collaboration with the following NGO's: Christian Solidarity International(CSI), Missio; the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria(CBCN) through the Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria(CCFN ); the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri through the Justice  Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) in partnership with these donor agencies; is helping regularly to ameliorate the suffering of these Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) in the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri.

Since the heightening of the effect of displacement of these people from their homes by the insurgents majorly from 2014, so much has happened in the catholic diocese of Maiduguri in respect of the welfare of the IDPs. consequent upon these  massive displacements, the catholic diocese of Maiduguri through the JDPC has since then embarked on the distribution of relief materials, housing and taking care of the health of these Internally Displaced Persons.

one cannot but acknowledge that so much has been done by the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri; the diocese that has been worst hit by the effect of the insurgency of the dreaded group most popularly known as Boko Haram. The aftermath of these insurgent attacks is devastating but thanks bed to God for his Divine Providence during this critical time.

During this time the Catholic diocese of Maidugurdi has been able to reach out and still reaching out thousands our displaced brothers and sisters not only within Maiduguri Metropolis and Jere Local Government area but also in Yola, Jalingo and Mubi where the bulk of the Internally Displace Persons reside. Thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri through the JDPC, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria through the CCFN, the Missio and the Christian Solidarity International. To attend to these IDPs would have been more difficult without the immense contributions of the above mentioned Organizations or Bodies or Institutions.

So much has been done in the area of distribution of food items in which close to 30 distributions of relief materials  have been accomplished as of the present time. Though not without challenges but thus far all the distributions I would say were 90-100% successful. These distributions were carried out in Various Camps, Churches/distribution centres; where possible cash transfer was done directly to the Internally Displaced Persons besides the general distribution relief materials which comprised of: Food stuff, Beddings, Detergents, Clothing, Cash distribution where possible.

In the area of Shelter: the diocese has been able to house some members and pay accommodation fees/rent for people who needed them the most.

In the area of Health; the diocese has been able to attend to the health of the internally Displaced persons where possible paying up their Hospital/Medical bills.

Humanitarian formation; the diocese has done its bid to train some few internally displaced persons which after the crises must have subsided, would be the major undertaking of the diocese especially in regards to Trauma Counseling, Resettlement and Education/Training/Campaign. Many stake holders would be involved in this quite sure but the diocese may likely take the lead as it has shown forth those qualities and interest.

Thanks be to God; so much has been done in these areas mentioned but so much more needs to done as regards the welfare of the Internally Displaced Persons. soon afterwards there will be so much more in the area of: Rebuilding and Resettlement, Conflict Resolution, Trauma  Counseling/Rehabilitation and Education and Training.

There is no gain saying that the situation of the Internally Displaced Persons is truly deplorable; but we must all learn to be ready to extend a helping hand. The situations are better imagined than when one comes headlong with the reality. The true situations are mostly scary that one begins to cast doubt whether there are people who should attend to the needs of the internally Displaced Persons. 

However, with the help of Almighty God these things are slowly passing by hoping that the humanitarian situation will soon improve and get better. At present there is so much need for prayer and  for everything possible that could make the humanitarian situation better; for human beings have been reduced to level of garbage or ruble of rubbish. The diocese through the JDPC is doing her own best to alleviate the suffering of these persons within limited resources. The fact is that, more hands need to be on deck. For one will not be Fair to conclude that other partners are not doing their own bid: the Government at Federal, State and Local Government levels, other NGOs, Institutions/Religious bodies and Kind hearted Individuals from both within and outside Nigeria; the fact is that we have not done enough except for the few Institutions and individuals that their resources have been so so over stretched and are now crying for help.

So glad to meet you readers out there and hope you will enjoy reading this piece. Please pray for the internally Displaced Persons in North -Eastern Nigeria, Pray for the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, pray for peace in Nigeria and the world at large. I pray that God will give each one of us the heart to help one who is in need. And thanks to our Donor/Partner Organizations, Institutions and Individuals who been part of this great endeavour and I pray God to bless you all richly in Christ Jesus.

Happy Reading dear friends! Believing that by reading this piece it will make an impression on you as individual that all may be moved to charity by the plight of these our displaced brothers and sisters, friends and in fact, our beloved friends. Please have your eyes glued towards them for one act of charity and little kindness could save a desperate person. Do not wait to be told but rather be moved by moral conscience and sense of justice; that the internally displaced persons deserve some kind of descent life because they never chose the situation for themselves. Dio Gratias. Amen.

Fr. Gideon Obasogie

Social Communications Directorate

Diocese of Maiduguri

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