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1. Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria
2. Holy Name Fellowship
3. Catholic Biblical Movement
4. Knigths/Ladies of St Mulumba
5. Knights/Ladies of St John International
6. Zumuntan Mata Katolika
7. Catholic Women Organization
8. Zumuntan Maza Katolika
9. Christian Men Organization
10. Christian Mothers Association
11. Widows Association
12. Catholic Girls Association
13. Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary
14. St Jude society
15. Guild of St Anthony
16. St Vincent de Paul
17. National Federation of Catholic Students
18. National Association of Catholic Corpers
19. Hausa choir
20. English Choir
21. Young Catholic Students
22. Lay Readers Association
23. Altar Servers Association
24. Altar Girls Association
25. Church Warden Association
26. Block Rosary Crusade
27. Blue Army of Our Lady
28. Divine Mercy Association
29. Legion of Mary
30. Mary Queen of All Hearts
31. Maffa Catholic Community
32. St Augustine's Tiv Community
33. St Joseph's Igbo Association
34. Pulka Catholic community
35. Edo/Delta Catholic Community
36. Marghi/Higgi Catholic Community
37. St Anthony Yoruba Community
38. Sacred Heart Akwa-Cross
39. SS Peter and Paul Idoma Community
40. All Saints Igala Catholic Community


Society                         Chaplain
Catholic Charismatic Renewal/H. Name        Very Rev Fr Emmanuel Finbarr
Catholic Biblical Movement                Very Rev Fr Emmanuel Finbarr
Knigths/Ladies of St Mulumba            Very Rev Fr Patrick Ejin
Knights/Ladies of St John International       Rev Fr Jacob Iranda
Zumuntan Mata Katolika/CWO           Very Rev Fr Zachary D. Dzarga
Zumuntan Maza Katolika/C.M.O/C.M.A         Rev Fr Daniel Ijeddi
Catholic Girls Association               Rev Fr James John
Catechists                        Rev Fr Joseph B. Fidelis
Sacred Heart/St Jude/St Anthony/St sVincent    Rev Fr Tobias Bature
National Federation of Catholic Students        Rev Fr Jacob Iranda
National Association of Catholic Corpers         Very Rev Fr Emmanuel Finbarr
Marian Societies                    Rev Fr Peter Uchebo
Choir                            Rev Fr Melvin Aruwa Ogohi
Young Catholic Students               Rev Fr Joachim Vosanna
Lay Readers Ass/Altar Servers/Church Warden    Rev Fr Alphonsus Afina


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